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Rent Referrals Contest

Rent Referrals Contest

Rent Referrals Contest!

All Rent Referrals purchases made from 1st to 30 th of every month will earn you Rent Referrals Contest drawn entry. Winners will receive as follows cash.

1st - purchases RR x 3 (ex:buy 100RR - $20 you get $20x3 = $60)
2nd - purchases RRx 2 (ex: buy 100RR - $20 you get $20x2 = $40)
3rd - purchases RR x 1 (ex: buy 100RR - $20 you get $20x1 = $20)

*Awards are added to the Purchase Balance.

Winners will be on this list March 1, 2017
UsernamePurchases RRAward
x x x
x x x
x x x

WINNERS for January 2017
UsernamePurchases RRAward
kollin $120 $360
branko65 $60 $120
kristal $40 $40
We wish you happy earnings with PTC Star!

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